The Sistrum of Cosmic Vibration, by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Look what we found from the files of the AUM Esoteric Study Center!

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It’s our Fall Semester listing for 1973. Look at this lineup of instructors! Many of our lecturers were internationally renowned experts in their fields including Charles Hapgood, Charles Berlitz, Brad Steiger, Olga Worrall, and Harris Coulter. Looking at these course titles makes us want to go back to school again. Who wouldn’t want to go from Basic Metaphysics to a Drawing class on the Mandala, to Astrology I, II and III? The ancient Egyptian mystery schools were a big influence on our search for meaning, as is obvious in the banner artwork for this syllabus. The ancient Egyptian karmic connections to the United States are also quite clear in the designs on LIGHT the Woodstock VW Bus. See the sistrum on the front of the bus is beginning to materialize. A sistrum is a musical instrument of ancient Egypt still used today in Coptic churches. It functions much like a rattle and here is symbolic of the cosmic energies or vibrations that make up the entire universe.

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