LIGHT and Color, by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Every symbol has multiple layers and possibilities for interpretation. Colors and geometrical shapes correspond with numbers and musical tones, and each has matching body parts, chakras, and astrological correspondents. And then you have different eras and schools of interpretation from different parts of the globe to add into the equation.

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This page from my artist sketchbook dated June 28, 1969 shows some of the original planning and study that went into the designs on the original LIGHT Woodstock Bus which is currently being resurrected and reproduced. This chart compares various types of LIGHT as they relate to smells, sound, and touch as well as geometrical symbols, and color. Below the chart I see I copied the common geometrical symbols for each of the digits from 1-10. Interesting theory about the symbol for Taurus looking like an unfinished “8” and thus possibly a symbol for the 8th or 9th plane.

Layers upon layers upon layers of symbolism and arcane mystery teachings are embedded into the complex interconnected design on the LIGHT bus. Every color, every point in every star, even the number of waves in the emanating vibrations allow for deeper extrapolation.

All this talk about color sent us to one of our old favorites on the Library shelf for the LIGHT Brigade to study for this job: Man, Visible and Invisible by C.W. Leadbeater. See the color chart of how to interpret a person’s aura, and also an example of a rainbow-like aura, this one of a devotional type of person.

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