A Call to Action for Dr. Stanley Krippner

Photo by Stuart Fischer

As some of you may know, Saybrook University, where Stanley Krippner has served for more than four decades, is moving from the Bay Area to Southern California. Rather than find a way to accommodate Stanley into Saybrook’s future, Saybrook is terminating its relationship with him. This means that as of this month, Stanley loses his office, his administrative assistant, research funding, and his job.

These are crushing blows. Stanley has not accumulated the nest egg that you might expect for one of his stature. He has never taken the most lucrative positions his intellectual prowess would allow, instead pioneering fields such as parapsychology, shamanic studies, and dream work, often at his own expense and primarily within non-conventional institutions. Still, at 86, he is determined to continue contributing in ways that make this a smarter and more compassionate society. But at this juncture, he is in a time of substantial financial straits at both the personal and professional levels.

Stanley has touched us all in profound ways, and we hope that everyone who has been touched or helped or moved by witnessing this beautiful man’s life will step up in the ways you can, small or large, preferably large.

Drs. Bob and Zohara M. Hieronimus, both Saybrook graduates, posing with Dr. Stanley Krippner in 2010 in San Francisco when Zoh was awarded her Doctor of Humane Letters.

There are two ways to donate.

A GoFundMe campaign was suggested by several of Stanley’s friends. They had to work very hard to get Stanley to agree to it, but desperation won out, and Stanley’s friend and co-author, Sidian Jones, has created one. GoFundMe allows contributions that will not be taxed for the receiver (Dr. Krippner), but you as the donor will not be able to claim a tax-deduction for your gift.

Alternatively, you can make a tax deductible donation to the AUM Center, the educational 501c3 non-profit established by Drs. Bob and Zohara M. Hieronimus (both Saybrook graduates mentored by Krippner) where all donations will be designated for the Dr. Stanley Krippner Living Consciousness Studies. Donations made through AUM will be tax-deductible for you as the donor, but the receiver (Dr. Krippner) will pay taxes on them, and these funds can only be used to support Stanley’s research. Whichever makes more sense for your situation, 100% will be directed to support Stanley or his work.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation via the AUM Center. Please indicate the “Stanley Krippner Living Consciousness Studies” in the message body. Checks can also be made and mailed to The AUM Center, Inc., 4803 Yellowwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209.

Click here to make a simple gift to Stanley via the GoFundMe page that will not be tax-deductible for you.

Please forward this to anyone you can think of who might help. Stanley’s twilight years should be cradled in the knowledge that those he has touched are reaching back with an embrace of love, peace, and comfort as well as encouragement to continue to be creative and effective in the wisdom that age has brought him. Stanley continues to be a precious resource. Let’s meet him there.

Click here to read more about Dr. Krippner’s substantial impact in an article from the American Psychological Association in 2002, when he received a prestigious award.

Thank you,
Friends of Stanley Krippner
Donna Eden and David Feinstein, http://www.innersource.net
Robert R. and Zohara M. Hieronimus, http://www.aum-center.org